Apply Online

Apply Online

Graduate applications for the 2018-2019 academic year are accepted starting in September 2017.  


High school students are not eligible to apply for admission to Yale School of Drama. Click here for undergraduate Yale College admissions information.

This link below will permit you to create a fall 2018 online graduate School of Drama application.  Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the sidebar for information as you prepare your application.

Click here to apply using the online application tool 

  • Work on your application over several days
    and save your work each time
  • Upload all documents
  • Upload portfolios (Costume, Projection
    Design and Sound Design)
  • Upload critical essays and plays (Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Playwriting)
  • Convenient tracking of the progress of your
    materials throughout the application process

Each of the departments within the School of Drama has specific requirements regarding admission procedures. Be sure to refer to the specific department descriptions before submitting an application for admission.


In all correspondence, the applicant should state the department to which he or she is applying. All mailed supporting documents should be in the same name, or a note of explanation should be included. With the exception of a mailed design portfolio, documents submitted in support of an application become a part of the permanent records of Yale School of Drama and cannot be returned to an applicant or forwarded to another institution either in copy or original form.