William J. Reynolds

Lecturer in Technical Design and Production

BILL RTEYNOLDS has been on the faculty at Yale School of Drama since 1982, and he currently teaches  classes in theater safety for YSD grad students in several departments. He recently retired from the Yale School of Drama/Yale Repertory Theatre (YSD/YRT) as the Director of Theater Safety and Occupational Health. Prior to creating this positon at YSD/YRT in 2008/2009, he served as Associate Technical Director and then as Director of Facility Operations for YSD/YRT. He graduated with a BA from Northern Michigan University in 1973, and he received an MFA in Technical Design and Production from Yale School of Drama in 1977.

Bill has presented theater safety and health sessions at the New England Theater Conference, the U.S. Institute for Theater Technology, and the InfoComm conferences, and for the University Risk Managers and Insurers Association, the Center for Campus Fire Safety, the American Occupational Health Conference, and the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Managers' Association. He is the USITT Safety & Health Vice‐Commissioner for Education and the Student Alliance Program. Bill has taught theater classes and consulted on theater safety for such institutions as: The Julliard School; Wesleyan University; Carnegie‐Mellon University; the University of California; and Eastern Connecticut State University.