Financial Aid Policy

Financial Aid Policy

Yale School of Drama's financial aid policy has been designed to ensure that, within the School's resources, all qualified students with financial need will have the opportunity to attend Yale.  For that reason, financial aid at the School of Drama is awarded on the basis of financial need.  Each year, the School of Drama awards a substantial amount of financial aid, totaling over $6 million in 2017-2018.

A small portion of our students and their families have the ability to pay the full costs of educational and living expenses, and others who have demonstrated need can bear sustantial costs. Student and family contributions vary based on financial circumstances, but all students on financial aid are expected to contribute a minimum of $2,000 toward their educational and living expenses each year. 

Students with need demonstated through documentation of personal, spousal, and parental income and assets receive financial aid awards consisting of a combination of work-study employment, educational loans, and Yale scholarship.  The vast majority of School of Drama students on financial aid receive full tuition scholarships and, in addition, living stipends. The School expects first-year students only to take up to $9,000 in educational loans.


Yale School of Drama leads the nation in investing the resources necessary to remove the financial barriers to outstanding graduate theatre training.Tuition fees at Yale School of Drama are the lowest of any leading theatre training program in the country, and our need-based financial aid policy minimizes students' educational debt:

  • all students are admitted without regard to their ability to pay;
  • 92% of students currently receive financial aid;
  • an average student with high financial need receives 74% of the total cost of attendance over three years in aid provided by the School of Drama, amounting to the equivalent of 117% of tuition over three years, including living stipends and paid work-study;
  • the typical financial aid package is designed to make it possible to graduate with as little as $9,000 in educational loans.

Students who do not qualify for traditional financial aid may be able to receive assistance through work-study employment and various supplemental loan programs.

Statement On Confidentiality

Requirements of Yale School of Drama's need-blind admission policy as well as Yale's Policy on Student Records ensure the confidentiality of applicants' and their families' economic circumstances. Access to personally identifiable financial aid materials—including applications, financial aid transcripts, financial aid award letters, and loan applications—is limited to financial aid office personnel and members of the Financial Aid Committee.

Tuition and General Expenses

                     2017-2018 Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees* $30,800
Books and supplies (estimated)** $300-$2,675
Estimated living expenses (estimated) $16,900
Estimated total costs $48,000-$50,375*

*Tuition for students in the Technical Internship Program and Special Research Fellows is $15,400. Tuition for DFA candidates in residence is $1,000. DFA candidates in residence receive financial aid covering tuition and health care.

**Costs vary from one department to another.